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Using the Buyer Block feature

Use Spotrisk's Buyer Block feature to automatically block and refund any future purchases from that buyer

Written by Ben Popat
Updated over a week ago

How do I block a buyer?

To block a buyer, click on any individual order to open the order review screen.
From there you will see the 'Block Buyer' button in the top right of the customer panel.

Once clicked, you will be asked to confirm the buyer block, and reminded of the various buyer identifiers that are now blocked.

What happens once I have blocked a buyer?

Once you have blocked the buyer, their IP, email, shipping address and specific device information will be blacklisted from purchasing from you in the future.
Any new orders placed from those details will be automatically refunded and moved to the Resolved column.

The blocked buyers details will be flagged across the Spotrisk network and alert merchants should they attempt to purchase from another store protected by Spotrisk - benefiting your store and the Spotrisk community.

Why can't I use the Block Buyer option?

The Block Buyer feature is available to customers on either the Starter or the Pro plans. If you are currently on the Free plan, today. click here to upgrade

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