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How to set Spot's alertness

Setting your stores' risk setting determines how much risk is acceptable before it's flagged in Spotrisk.

Written by Ben Popat
Updated over a week ago

Spot is working in the background for you

Spotrisk analyses hundreds of different data points to determine how much risk is associated with an order. We check many different attributes associated to the customer and the order to determine whether the order is risky.

This allows you the retailer to make an informed decision before you fulfill the order.

Every retailer has a different 'appetite' for risk. Somebody selling $50 t-shirts may be willing to accept more risk than somebody selling $500 watches. Spotrisk is configurable so that you can choose how much risk you are willing to accept before an order is flagged for your attention.

Passive / Alert / Active

For somebody selling $500 watches, they may want to get an alert when an order has even the smallest amount of risk associated with it. They would select the 'Active' setting.

For somebody selling a lot of $50 t-shirts, they may only want to be alerted when an order is high risk, they would select the 'Passive; setting.

By default, your account will be set to the 'Alert' setting.

If you are willing to accept more risk, or you want to be extra careful, you can change this setting by going to 'Settings' - 'Customisation' and selecting the option that works best for you.

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